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Real Estate Workshop: Finding Real Estate Deals 


What an incredible event for the NYC team to find real estate deals at the office on 5th Ave. We had people get into groups on find real estate leads on one of the online websites provided at the training. People had pleasant and unpleasant experiences which is normal as a real estate investor. On your personal journey, you will learn the difference between a seller that has to sell or wants to sell. Shout out to our local instructor Hugh Z, for providing a great experience for the team and guests. Would you like to find out how you can benefit? Register for a local event to find out what’s happening in your area.

National Conference 2016


How would you have loved to have improved your business to a greater level? The event was definitely a great investment from all attendees. We learned topics such as the art of self-promotion, becoming a sales success, funding your future, the wealth factory, and many more. We even had top notch trainers such as Woody Woodward and Garret Gunderson provide us of information to apply in our business. Some say the meetings you don’t attend won’t help you. Are there any meetings you’re not attending this week? Go to our event tab to attend one of our meetings near YOU.

Entrepreneur Saturday: Sales & Marketing


We had an awesome launch to 2016 with a new office in Manhattan, NY. The entrepreneur training that was given from the local leaders left guests with tools to expand their business from free advertising to paid advertising. Did you know email marketing is a great way to follow up with people interested in buying your products? One service that was brought up at the event is Mailchimp. They have free and paid services. For more details about our group and how we can benefit you in accomplishing your goals, then attend a live meeting or online webinar. 

Real Estate Workshop: Fix & Flip 


Have you ever watched Fix & Flip TV shows and get enthusiastic afterwards? What if we told you they don’t show all the numbers that go on with their real estate deals. Luckily for our group, we had a practitioner instructor, Kendall S, show us the numbers it took him and his partner to do their multiple real estate deals. He also taught us 3 simple questions to help raise private capital. Do you know someone that could benefit from training on fixing and flipping properties? Contact us to find out how.

Real Estate Workshop: Finding Deals & Land Development 


Land Developers trained our NY group on investing in land. Hugh Z also taught how to find real estate deals, so you can say we got the best of both worlds. People were able to talk to the sellers live to get info about the property to make sure if it was a good deal to pursue or not. Would you like to get live help with a local community of real estate investors? Contact us to find out how.

Real Estate Workshop: Creative Terms & Business Development 


Did you know it’s possible to buy property with $25 down payment? It sounds crazy but it’s true! Rob L from the Georgia group flew to NY to train on the legal terms that he uses for real estate investing. He also trained the team on business development on how to make $1,000 to $10,000. Do you know someone built for this work in their life? Refer us like-minded people and see how you will benefit.

Real Estate Workshop: Building Business and Personal Credit 


Wealth of knowledge was given to the group about building personal and business credit with Eric Counts on Saturday. There are people being taking advantage of by those in the credit industry in the US because of the masses ignorance. Eric taught us how to properly communicate to make sure we don’t fall victim to the games they play. Group members also learned how to properly build business credit step by step, including the correct foundation. Do you know anyone that could’ve learned and applied this training in their life? We have 2 classes to do that and more. Contact us to find out how.

Entrepreneur Saturday: The Power of "You" 


Do you understand the power of using the word YOU in your ADS? That’s what the local group learned as well as other marketing tactics to help their businesses grow. Tips like these have helped one of our members make 30K within a 45 day period. Know any serious people that would like to make that income while learning and doing real estate investing? Click here to find out how. 

Real Estate Workshop: Pay Off Debt Faster and Find Money for Real Estate Deals 


Great training from Jessica Zaretsky on finding money! The local group and online guests learned a ton of information the general public don’t know. If you knew how to sky rocket your credit scored within a short period, would you take action on it? What if you knew how to pay off a 30 year mortgage in 7 years without paying extra, would you want to learn how? We learned it and so can YOU. Check out the event tab to find a location near your area.

Entrepreneur Saturday: Emotional Fingerprint 


Woody Woodward did a fantastic job helping real estate investors and business owners learn how to make people feel important. Would you agree that's a skill to have in every walk of life? Especially in a people business. We learned the 5 types which drives us and how AD writing to a particular type will attract the right people to enter our circle. Email us if you'd like to find out more.

Real Estate Workshop: Finding Real Estate Deals 


Incredible two days of finding real estate deals workshop with Hugh Zaretsky in Denver, CO.  Beginner investors were able to find motivated sellers while using the Craigslist website and able to get info from them while using a script provided by the local leader. Networking and relationship building opportunities was available so that way we become more comfortable working together in the future. Want to be part of a local community that’s about taking it to the next level? Click on the event tab and find a local meeting near you!

Real Estate Workshop: Accelerated Mortgage Reduction 


We had fun learning from Santos Kidd of Sweep Strategies. Our group learned the secrets on how to pay off a 30 year mortgage in 7 years without paying extra. Do you want to learn how to do that with other amortized loans? Click on the event tab and find a local team near you!

CASH FLOW 101 Event 


Full game of Cash Flow 101 at the Manhattan office! We had a fearless kid get out the rat race faster than adults because he wasn’t afraid to take risk in order to get out the rat race. This game is very similar to real life because most people are in their comfort zone and never get to achieve their personal goals that require bold actions.  Know anyone that wants to learn how to raise their financial IQ? Click on the event tab and find a local game event near you!

Real Estate Workshop: Minimize Your Taxes; Maximize Your Retirement & How Obama Care will affect Business 


What an amazing event we had at this event with Mark Kohler, CPA & Lawyer, who came to NYC to train our local team. Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors were able to ask questions and learned tips which’ll save them from $2,000 to $20,000 on their taxes. People also learned that their retirement accounts could invest in property and the income gained would be tax free depending on the retirement account you own. Want to learn how to take your business to the next level? Check out our event tab for a location near YOU.

CASH FLOW 101 Event 


How would you like to learn how to invest without losing your own money? Playing CASHFLOW 101 with us will help you and have fun at the same time. We had 4 games opened with beginner and seasoned players. Beginners struggled from the start, however with the strategies we taught during the game, they were able to get out the rat race! Ready to play at a location near you? Click on the Event tab to play at an area near you :)

Real Estate Workshop: Negotiations


We had an awesome Negotiations workshop with Bob Snyder. The room was so full that we had to have move group members into another room to view online. The training had impacted lives within the same day. At lunch, people were able to get discounts on their food! One of our members said that they even got a free adult beverage just by asking the right question with intense enthusiasm with Bob Snyder's negotiation tips. Would you like to learn and apply these strategies in your business, personal, and relationship life? Call us to find out how!

Entrepreneur Saturday: Statue of Responsibility


Would you have liked to been part of the making of the Statue of Liberty? Unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore. The great news is there’s a Statue of Responsibility being built in California. Gary Lee Price, the creator and sculptor of the project, came to train our real estate investors and entrepreneurs at our workshop Saturday. We were able to sculpt with clay our vision of what to accomplish in the next 6 months. Emotions were brought up and tears were shed at the event. Leesa Price shared her tragic story of events that made her who she is today. Perseverance, belief, and our mind were the tools she gave us to help manifest our reality. Would you like to better your life from learning and taking action with real estate investing? Contact us to find out how.

Real Estate Workshop: Hard Money Lending + Bulk Real Estate Deals


Learning about hard money lending with Kevin Clark was a fun experience. It’s easier to learn from someone that’s funny and makes a topic comprehensive at the same time. Hugh Z. taught the group how to do bulk real estate deals, including the type of “tapes” to give energy to, because there are bulk deals that aren’t worth pursuing in the business. Bryan E. showed guests how to analyze real estate deals with the deal workbook that we use for a cash buying website that we use to fund real estate transactions. Do you know anyone that could benefit from a training like such as this one? Email or call us for more details. 

Manhattan Real Estate Investor Orientation


Jessica Zaretsky, former single mom, is leading the NYC Real Estate Investor Orientation in the local market. Before she pursued her real estate investing and entrepreneur career, she had 2 jobs to support her and 2 kids. She realized that she would be trapped in a vicious cycle unless she did something different. Within working with the group, she was able to have an 8k month then followed by a 20k month. Think you can learn from someone like her? Attend one of our events to see how we can help you.

NYC CASH FLOW 101 Event 


We had 3 games running at our cash flow 101 event. Would you like to learn why this game helps people better their financial knowledge? Check our event tab to join a cash flow 101 event near you.

Entrepreneur Saturday


We had great training with the local leaders and Jon Oneal, real estate investor & marketer from Utah, on this beautiful Saturday in NYC. Guests learned specific marketing techniques which helped generated one of his team members about $100,000 in a month. How would you like to earn that in a month? The best part is that Jon's real estate deals have come from his marketing business which has grown within a 18 month period. Our local leaders taught how to find people, tell their story, build for the event, and follow up. How much do you think that's important in any business? Check out our events section to attend one of our meetings.

Manhattan Cash Flow 101 Event


If a board game that's fun and used to teach you how to manage your money, would you play it? We had fun learning how to get out the rat race. Players that never played before had learned why investing in assets for passive income purposes was important. One player realized that partnering up on a deal she couldn't afford, had helped her get out the rat race FASTER. She saw the value of teamwork in the investing world. Do you?

Super Saturday: Sales & Marketing Workshop


We learned a wealth of information at this particular Entrepreneur Saturday in our office. Rob Lett, seasoned real estate investor in Atlanta, taught us how he made almost a $26,000 month on his marketing business. He used a very specific interview qualifying process that some of the team never heard of. The local leaders also taught other entrepreneurs and investors how to increase sales in their business. Tammy Thorpe taught us how to find the right people and Kareem Young taught us how to properly tell our story. Jessica Zaretsky gave us her insider tip on how she generated her first $20,000 month. Do you want to learn how? Click here to attend one of our orientations.

Real Estate Study Group: Real Estate Red Flags


Would it benefit you to minimize your risk of getting into a real estate transaction? This week at our local study group, John R, helped facilitate the real estate red flag training at our investment office. He’s been investing with his family since the age of 18. Do you think having someone like that in your network will help your growth as a real estate investor? The rookies got a chance to learn how to properly run numbers and ask the right questions to sellers. To join a local group in your area, then click here to attend an orientation.

Real Estate Workshop: Save Money &Reduce Your Taxes With Tracy + Real Estate Deals


    How would it benefit you to keep more of your money when tax season comes around? Tracy Evans, seasoned real estate investor & knowledgeable with taxes, taught our team how to do that and more! She also went over her last real estate development deal she got into in upstate NY! Other local group members, Bryan and Tabitha, gave us a virtual tour on what went down on their deal in North Carolina. Guests were turned off about the deal until later when they saw the potential profit that would be made after all is said and done. Would you like to find out more about what we do? E-mail us for more details.

Educational Study Group (Tax and Legal) 


Would you agree that learning tax and legal strategies are essential to any business? If your answer is yes, then we’re on the same page. This week’s study group session is on that topic with Tracy Evans! Her expertise as a seasoned real estate investor and working in the courts really are a benefit to the local group as she facilitates this training. Do you know anyone that would like to pay less in taxes and keep more of their money? Get plugged in to find out  more on a live webinar or location near YOU. 

Super Saturday: How to Make $1000 to $10000


What more can we say? It’s already February and a lot of movement across the nation! Today’s training helped entrepreneurs help grow their business for beginner and seasoned members of the group. People learned how to find targeted leads not only for their business, but real estate investing business as well. Facebook marketing was one of the biggest golden nuggets dropped at the event. Do you want to learn why people are making between $1,000 to $10,000 per week and/or $5,000 to $120,000 per real estate transaction? Register HERE to attend a live event or national webinar.

Real Estate Workshop: Finding Real Estate Deals


What would you think if someone told you that it’s cheaper to borrow hard money at 16% than borrowing from the bank at 6%? Would you think that’s nonsense? When I heard that for the first time, I thought it was crazy! Thankfully, Hugh Zaretsky showed us why and also how to find real estate deals among other things. Do you know anyone that can benefit from information such as this workshop? Email us to find out how. 

NYC Real Estate Investor Orientation 


We had a packed crowd at our New York office at this orientation! What does this mean? People are really getting serious in taking that leap of faith in real estate investing. What better way than working with a local group that’s doing it. Right? There are four asset classes you can invest in to use your or other people’s money to have it make income. They are commodities, business, real estate, and paper assets. Want to find out why real estate is IDEAL? RSVP to attend a webinar or live meeting by clicking HERE

Educational Study Group (Web Broadcasting Available) 


Are you wondering what our study group is about? Wonder no more! Basically, it’s an 18 week meet up sessions that we have during our live orientations for group members with at least their essential training programs. We meet once a week to go over half a class and assigned a task for next weeks’ discussion until all coursework and assessments are completed. What are the benefits of this? The material is better understood and retained. Students can confirm with each other any confusion or complex subject material. More opportunities to teach, not just be a recipient of someone else’s knowledge. Another opportunity to learn new study habits from the group. The learning will become more personally relevant and stimulating. Last but not least, it’s for ACCOUNTABILITY. Today’s training was about Real Estate Marketing, which I find very interesting. Why? Because the same thing we do in the Sales & Marketing side are transferable skills to the real estate side of the business! I learned new sites and helpful strategies to implement ASAP. Do you know anyone that could benefit from this? Check out our event section to find a local meeting near YOU! Side note, if you’re in an area that has no local office, then have no fear because we have online systems to broadcast the study group in NYC.

Real Estate Workshop: Hard Money and Student Success Deals


The last real estate workshop of the year! Of course it was on the date of 12/13/14. (Twilight zone theme starts playing) The first half of the event was based on hard money and last half about local student’s deals in the area or in other locations. First and foremost, it’s so funny to say that borrowing from a hard money lender at 18% is cheaper than borrowing from the bank at 6%. Did your eye brow go up? Yeah, it sounds weird but learned why and how. You should’ve been there to find at how. The four students of life that spoke about their deals were Joel, Jessica, Bryan & Tabitha. Joel did 2 wholesaling deals in NYC that went through the probate process. He profited 15k in total. Bryan & Tabitha briefed us on how they got their property in North Carolina and how their exit strategies are either fix & flip or buy and hold the property.  Jessica had her property for bout 6-8 years and man did she have a unique story to it. From buying it way too much, to living there for free, to flipping it and making over 20k a few months ago. Moral of the story is to take action on your desires if you want to make things happen. To find out more about us, then CLICK HERE to find a local meeting near YOU.

NYC CASH FLOW 101 Event 


Here we go again with raising financial intelligence in the local market! Every time we play this game, there’s always emotion rising with players. It’s probably due to the play money involved in the game. It’s always great to see people play the game for the first time. Most of the newbies play as though they live their lives which show why they’re at the stage of financial wellbeing. Does that make sense? It almost did with me. The facilitator of the game had surprised everyone by bringing his 10 year old son. Great to see even a young buck figure out that working for someone else doesn’t make you wealthy in the long run. He really disliked being in the rat race and rightfully so. For those that don’t know, the way to get out the rat race in the game and real life is to have your passive income exceed your passive income. Do you want to play the game at one of our locations? CLICK HERE to join us!

Super Saturday: End of Year Goals to Make $1,000 - $10,000 a WEEK  


The last Super Saturday training of the year and man did it put 2014 in perspective. We’ve dealt with a lot of people on the marketing and real estate businesses which really goes hand to hand.  This training touched on the changes coming in 2015 and how to re-engage people that haven’t got started in the group yet. Some of the training program prices are going up, new commercial and credit repair tracks being added, and commissions of $1,000 - $10,000. In the picture you can see a few ways how we find money for people and ourselves.  We saw a deep video about the road to becoming successful. Really hit the heart because many of us related to it. It means we’re one step closer to what’s meant to be in the future. So proud of the Real estate investors and entrepreneurs we work with. One made $6,000 on a wholesale deal while only putting a dollar down and others completing over 3 deals in a year. Duo team members are currently working on a development deal in upstate NY.  Do you know anyone that can benefit from these tools and resources?

If they or you are either:



 Likes to be IN THE MOMENT






CLICK HERE to find a location near YOU and let’s get acquainted J

E-mail us if you want to see the touching video.

Real Estate Workshop: Building Business & Personal Credit


One of the most informative and comical real estate workshop with Eric C. sharing his knowledge of building personal and business credit. Got more value than the $50 invested to be part of the event. There were over 50+ attendees for the event here in the local market including people out of the area, such as people in Hawaii. If you didn’t know, we broadcast online for people not in NYC. Do you love technology? We sure do J As for the event, we learned that the smallest things can really shoot up your CREDIT. Realized that some of us were doing things, credit wise, wrong in our personal lives that really hurt. Now we have the knowledge so it’s time to do the right thing J As far as the business side, man I really got to turn up on the credit building with that to leverage more money to invest. You want to find out more? Call or e mail us to find out. Business purposes ONLY! -- Inside joke --  ;)

Super Saturday: B.E.S.T. 18 Step & Drive System 


What an incredible event! I learned so much about the DRIVE system. Who knew that drive was an acronym for Director-Relator-Intellectual-Validator-Executive.  You’re probably reading this like “What the heck is this guy talking about?” I bet. YOU should’ve been there! Sheesh, people these days J. Lol, however the information provided did teach how to write an AD based on a person’s drive type. See, you learn something new every day. Want to find out more about us? CLICK HERE to attend our national orientation webinar. E mail us at for information on a live location.

Northeast Regional Training

10/24/2014 - 10/25/2014

This regional training was nothing in comparison to last year’s event. It’s still amazing how the people can potentially make 10k or more per month starting January 1st. The real question is how many people will put the work in to have a 40k month or more? Woody W. was there training as well. Its funny how a lot of the stuff he trained on were things I knew from books read in the past. However, there was point he hit that helped me remember what I had forgotten. The same can be said for Bob S. He said things that made me remember things that slipped my mind. I love it when golden nuggets land back to the mind. Really can’t wait to start implementing the real estate strategies I temporarily put on hold. Now that mercury retrograde is over, it’s time to amplify up my illusion. Woo hoo!!!

Manhattan Real Estate Investor Orientation


Great evening for this event! Cash buying website is working for investors in the group. A lot of top income earners and millionaires were in the vicinity. Everyone is evolving to a better self. It doesn’t get any better than this. How would you feel to be surrounded by like-minded individuals on the same path as financial freedom? A few years ago, I was focused on financial security which is why I did the traditional route. However, going to school to get a good job is an industrial age mindset. We’re in the information age which means the rules have changed. If you’re not investing and/or running a business then you’re literally going to find out the hard way why the old way is setting you up to lose. The good news is getting rich and/or wealthy is only a choice. When you choose what’s better for you in the long run?

Income Impact!


Renatus- Just as 1 asteroid can change the landscape forever, this Founder's Webinar brings BIG CHANGES and BIG OPPORTUNITIES that will Impact your Income! Renatus is about to experience a Major Jump Forward. This announcement will change the landscape of your business, forever! This Webinar will make your business explode with profitability, success and Booming Checks!

Passion is an essential key to a successful business. Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. Be sure that every member of your team and community is online. This Webinar is staged to change lives, create wealth and prosperity.

This training is reserved for those leaders willing to guide their teams to massive success.

In creating Renatus, Bob Snyder has developed the path of our success predicated on our motivation. Are you ready to create your massive success? Don't miss your chance to learn from the best. Register here for more details.

Real Deal Tour - North Carolina 


Congratulations on Bryan and Tabitha for closing on their first Real Estate transaction in North Carolina! They’re a married couple that lives in New Jersey that have been working on both sides of our business for about 3 months now. A couple of team members and guests traveled to North Carolina to view their fix and flip investment through our “Real Deal Tour” events. Do you want to make 15k or more in profit through a real estate transaction? Click here to find a live meeting or webinar to attend.

Manhattan CASH FLOW 101 Event 


This was the first CASHFLOW101 game that everyone playing knew how to play. That’s rare and funny at the same time. Working on becoming an affiliate director with the group, it’s been a while since I played a game without being a banker. You really do learn something new playing this game, I swear! Guess who got out the rat race? THIS GUY! Some of us learned a new tactic on how to get out the rat race. Do you want play CASHFLOW101 with the live group? Click here to find a location near YOU!

Real Estate Workshop: Creative Acquisitions


Oh my goodness! Rob Lett’s training was amazing. Not only is he a great real estate investor, he’s also a great sales and marketer. If you’ve read the Robert Kiyosaki books, then you understand that being good real estate investor requires good leadership, sales, and marketing skills. He has all of those! One thing that I took out of the training was BE - DO - HAVE. Another thing that got to me was how he was able to buy properties in Atlanta, Georgia for $25. Can you believe that? Crazy!



Out of all the board games I have played, CASHFLOW 101 is my favorite! To the average person, it may look like a regular board game; however it’s so much more than that. The game will teach you how to become rich and/or wealthy in real life.  It'll teach an individual why he or she is in the financial situation that they’re in. In this particular event, we had a 6 year old and 66 year old get out the rat race and win the game. Isn’t that amazing? Or is it a weird coincidence that together that makes 666? Hey, what do I know? LOL! To see if there’s a location in your area, then CLICK HERE.

Real Estate Workshop: Finding Real Estate Deals


Wow! What an incredible event here in the NYC area. I was definitely surprised to see a lot of the New Jersey team at the event. Anyways, Hugh Z did a great job training us on finding a great real estate deal in under a minute. It’s crazy how the internet has helped made our lives easier as time goes by. Get this, I found a property in Queens that the seller’s asking price was UNDER 100k. Are you serious right now? We also got to learn about the new cash buying website that we can submit to either wholesale, get up to 90% of funds to do a fix + flip, and many other options. This group is definitely improving and grateful to be a part of it with like-minded people. Now if only I can find vegan spiritualpreneurs to work with on this journey J Take Care!

NYC Real Estate Investor Orientation


Looks like we have a packed house today! Fall is in the air, so it seems people are more serious to get in the real estate game. Including real estate agents/brokers that are looking to transition to becoming investors. Every meeting we have, it seems that there’s something new to learn. Let me ask you the reader of this blog. How much money do you need a month to fire your boss and retire? Whatever the number is, which asset class do you think will help get you there the fastest and why? E mail me your answers!

Super Saturday: Social Media Training


     Today’s training with Ram was incredible!!!! I learned more creative ways of how to help the real estate investor community grow nationwide by online marketing. Didn’t know Google+ and LinkedIn was another avenue for putting out events for like-minded people. One thing is for sure, if you’re running your own business, it’s very important to have your website up and running so people can see that you’re real. When people see your name on any business advertisement, chances are they’ll google you to see if you exist and/or legit. Is that a fair thing to do from your target market?

     We also had training in the beginning of the day from Hugh Z. He taught the team how to explain the comp plan on a napkin. Literally!!!!!! It was my first time doing that and it was pretty darn fun. Yeah I said it. DARN FUN! The best part of the day was toward the end because each of my business partners, including me, had to do part of presenting the orientation we have on Thursday evenings. It was very unique due to everyone’s style. For more information about what we do or what we learned, then e mail us.



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