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Band of Real Estate Investors, LLC is a real estate investment company created to help people learn real estate investing and business ownership.

Numerous courses are available for you to learn more on wholesaling, fix & flips, buy & hold, lease options, notes and many more. Each learning
path will teach you powerful information, such as finding the deal of the decade, how to pay less in taxes and acquire properties with a 350 credit score.

CEO of Band of Real Estate Investors, Javoski Griffith, is a Real estate investor and Navy veteran that served honorably for four and a half years. He was deployed 3 times and got to visit places such as Guam, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Bahrain, Jebel Ali, Jordan, Thailand and etc. On his last deployment, he realized being financially secure meant less freedom to do what he wanted in life.

In 2011, Javoski decided to get out of the service and enroll at LaGuardia Community College as a full time student. He majored in criminal justice and made additional time to self-study on subjects not a part of the curriculum. These subjects were on mental science, spirituality, metaphysics, money and etc. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, opened Javoski’s eyes on how to become financially free with the book “Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education.” It became clear real estate investing and business ownership was the key.

In early 2013, Javoski made a bold move by dropping out of LaGuardia CC as an honors student. He realized that continuing the traditional education route would lead to a job he’d most likely dislike. After this decision, Javoski tried real estate investing on his own by reading books and been through many obstacles. He never gave up and asked the universe to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that are into real estate investing and make money at the same time.

The universe answered his call because he found a local group which allowed him to continue learning real estate investing and make money other ways. In 5 months, he became part owner of a real estate investment deal and was able to create his own Self-Directed Roth IRA to invest in properties in the future. Now, he's affiliated with a national community of real estate investors and has the opportunity to help people learn real estate investing so they can retire early and have more time to enjoy with family if that's a goal in mind that's worked hard on.



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Home     About    Events     Blog       Privacy

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